new people!

Last saturday was a lovely day on our playground in Garbatella. Lots of visitors and some new players.
Asia from California is studying Art in Rome till mid December, and we hope she will join us again. Her friends Erica and Anna never played HBP, if they can get in Asia’s enthusiasm for Polo, maybe finally we can have a girls team.
Meanwhile new generation are interested in polo, well seems like they’re just interested fighting with the mallets, anyway, never say never.
Some fresh good new blood could probably join the cause ( talking ‘bout Ferderico…)
grazie a Rob per la traduzione.

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born in 1972. joins the RBP in May 2009. Since then no work, no women, no life, just POLO. Sometimes dubbed "the Surgeon" for self-intervention on his bike, he loves the heavy bikes and heavy bats. Always upgrading his bike. website

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  1. ecchime…non avendo letto il tutorial, vado a naso. o meglio, a martellate: corrado & alessio, v’ho alzato i permessi: ora dovreste vedere il tab ‘gallery’ in basso a sinistra nella colonna del backend

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