Silver polo biker

It was a bit of time I designed this polobiker.
Something like two months ago I prototyped this brass one, then in the last days, with the help of my friends of Zaier I managed to cast a small number of silver copies.
By now just ten pieces cast from wax positives, to bring with me at Greifmasters.
Two configurations: with a silver chain or with a black small rope.
Check it out in Karlsruhe!

Here you can see the brass prototype cutting process, and the silver cast copies.

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Autore: Marco

born in 1972. joins the RBP in May 2009. Since then no work, no women, no life, just POLO. Sometimes dubbed "the Surgeon" for self-intervention on his bike, he loves the heavy bikes and heavy bats. Always upgrading his bike. website

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