The GREIFMASTERS 2011 Trophy

Roma Bike Polo proudly presents: the trophy “making of”.
For those who will not be so lucky to grab the real one, you can see several pictures, and a step by step quick reportage of the 2 weeks work, in the “surgeon” ‘s lab.

After a first contact, waiting for news, I sketched up some ideas… but when I saw the GM artwork…I had to match the wonderful and clean graphics of Hannes and Steffen from Karlsruhe Bikepolo.
Everything was within their work: this time, no spare parts beautifully presented…
New materials, new design, same care.
Follow every step on this epic video.

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ranx e il polo coatto.

Conan era trasudante di buoni sentimenti.
Per controbilanciare, ci voleva un “cattivo maestro” in  questo caso due: l’ immenso Tanino Liberatore e il compianto Stefano Tamburini, autori del personaggio RANXEROX, che i miei coetanei non possono non  ricordare come coatto sintetico.

Who Knows When Production,  proudly presents another page of the volume ” Comic stars play polo”. Enjoy!