The GREIFMASTERS 2011 Trophy

Roma Bike Polo proudly presents: the trophy “making of”.
For those who will not be so lucky to grab the real one, you can see several pictures, and a step by step quick reportage of the 2 weeks work, in the “surgeon” ‘s lab.

After a first contact, waiting for news, I sketched up some ideas… but when I saw the GM artwork…I had to match the wonderful and clean graphics of Hannes and Steffen from Karlsruhe Bikepolo.
Everything was within their work: this time, no spare parts beautifully presented…
New materials, new design, same care.
Follow every step on this epic video.

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Ho fatto ancora il sorcio 2.0

rumors sul sito accennano ad una possibile presenza di inglesi :

ELKs (East London Knights) che sono quinti nella classifica attuale del campionato di polo Londinese.

e probabilmente Agata…

Non sono sicurose ho già fatto una gaffe, ma vista la foto di questa A. non mi sono riuscito a trattenere… Ho fatto il sorcio mollicone romano tanto per cambiare e per sapere se a Barça ci sarà…

Vabbè. altre curiosità in giro per polositi:

Estaratto dal Greifmasters 2010 Rules:

Ball Joint and Lobs:
It is legal to lob the ball (’throw’ the ball with the mallet) and/or to travel with the ball using the ‘ball joint’ cupping style of carrying the ball but you cannot score with either method. If ball is cupped up to goals, it has to be passed once before scoring.
This also includes carrying the ball on the mallet egg & spoon style.(? egg & spoon?)

After a goal is scored/resetting the game:
After a goal is scored, the scoring team must return to their own half and cannot come back across center court until the ball or any player of the conceding team has come past center court. The conceding team takes possession of the ball. No conceding player with or without the ball can then pass half court until at least two players of the scoring team have returned to their own half, one of these players can be a ‘goalie’ who was already in the goal area. A player is not required to tap out for a foot-down after a goal has been scored but must return to his own half.

come diceva Quang non c’è il ritorno alla porta, solo ritornare nella tua metàcampo…

‘Like’ contact that is allowed:

Non-aggressive body to body, mallet to mallet, and bike to bike. Apart from the fouls listed above.
Players are allowed to tap goal keeper’s mallet.

se pò fà!

Penalties can be:
– First accidentally foul = tap out
– Second accidentally foul or first purposely foul = double tap out
– Second double tap out = Time penalty
– Be removed from the game for a set time (Time penalties: 8 min game = 30 second penalty, 15 min = 45 sec, over 20 min = 1 min) or even permanently.

e questo è nuovo: dopo ogni tipo di fallo (eccetto piede) la squadra che subisce il fallo prende possesso della palla.

Here are so pics of the goals and “tap out” in Karlsruhe :
Size should be 180x80x45cm, foldable and has to have an elastic band as upper bar to avoid the goalie to brace on it.

Ultimo backtalk di cui però non ho trovato conferma: pare che:

“apparently a 19 year old kid from phoenix and his little 12 year brother beat the world champions from Seattle last weekend in Los Angeles….crikey….the 12 year kid apparently has the fastest shot in town.”



Come indicato dal buon Matteo ci siamo persi l’iscrizione a questo Torneo.

Però il sottoscritto si è permesso di contattarli e chiedere di essere inserito nella lista d’attesa in caso qualcuno rinunci, che ve lo dico a fà, tenetevi pronti. Febbraio è vicino.

Probabilmente il fatto che sia in Germania e che siano 3 giorni indoor garantito ha fatto sì che…”…it only took around 25 min and the tournament was full!
Crazy! We did not expect that…

But I can put you on the waiting list. In case any team cancels its registration.

I think next year we have to make this hole thing way bigger!!!”